Steven Orr is a longtime Victoria, Texas, broker/advisor who has directed Orr Financial Group since 1994 and offers a full range of strategic wealth management solutions. Featured in media venues such as BusinessWeekly and Fox Business, Steven Orr’s work as a broker reflects industry trends and is based on dedicated research and analysis. In addition, he has taught investment planning classes in the University of Houston system and at Victoria Community College.

Mr. Orr emphasizes the importance of consistent saving over time as a core strategy for accruing the funds needed to support sustainable retirement. Simply through reducing a few daily expenses, it is possible to build significant savings over time, and these can add significantly to what is ultimately available through a tax-advantaged retirement account. He particularly emphasizes the importance of saving, given the prospect of decreasing Social Security benefits. In addition to accumulation,one of his specialties is income generation from your portfolio after retirement.

Mr. Orr maintains a strong community presence and contributes to the Bum Phillips Charities for Deaf Children. The past captain of his own boat, he maintains semi-professional status as an angler and has fished for Blue Marlin, Sailfish and other large fish in diverse open-water locales. Orr is also a multi-engine rated pilot and uses his plane extensively for his business.

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